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Are Futons OK for Sleeping on Every Night?

Have you just seen futons for sale? Have you ever heard of a futon? Futons are the small Japanese style beds that have a thin mattress. It is almost a certainty that you have had to sleep on one for a least one night of your life. But just how good are they for you in the long term? In this article we will look at how good these beds and if they are good for you in the long term.


What are they?

Futons are a type of bed that come from Japan, although the traditional Japanese ones differ somewhat from the ones that we know in the western world. They are designed to be simple and to fold away so that the space can be used for other things. They are extremely useful in small spaces, such as small apartments, studios or in a space that you just don’t want to dedicate solely to being a bedroom. A futon, in the western world, consists of a foldable base that normally converts into a sofa base, and a thin foldable mattress that also doubles as the sofa cushion.


Effects on the body

If you have ever slept on a futon you may already know one of the downsides to using one. The main downside is that you will have to do a trade off on comfort, and that due to this you sometimes have trouble sleeping or wake up with a slight pain in your back, Due to the combination of the thin mattress and the hard frame, you may often feel the beams when you sleep. The mattress is also more prone to movement which means that any movement during the night might result in the mattress moving off the frame. This can be easily fixed by resting the bed against a wall or table.Click here.


Long term effects

From many studies it has been proved that there are no long term effects that you can get from sleeping for prolonged time on a futon. However, as they are designed for being easy to fold away, they do not offer the best level of comfort. When buying a futon, if you are looking to use it as a permanent bed, then it is recommended that you invest in the best futon that you can, for example, one that offers a higher quality mattress to avoid back pain later on.


To conclude, when possible it is always better to use a normal bed that has a high quality matress to give your back the highest level of support. However, this isn’t always a possible option in most cases. If you find yourself with the option of only having a futon, weather it be for economic reasons or for the lack of space that you find yourself with, then it is recommended that you invest well in the futon. Find the best futon that uses better materials so that you are able to get a good nights sleep and wake up completely well rested and ready to take on the day.