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Differences Between Futon and a Sofa Bed

Used for millennia in Japanese homes, tatami mats and best futon are traditionally found in Western decor as elements for a more zen and relaxed atmosphere. These furniture, however, can easily be part of any type of room, combining comfort, lightness and versatility. Understand a little about the two and their multiple uses in various places in the house.

Futon: sofa, bed or puff?

When using a futon, imagination has no limits: larger models become excellent beds for guest rooms, and can also be folded and used as sofas in the living room – which, in general, is cheaper than actually buying one classic. In addition, the model known as “thousand leaves” (traditionally called kakibushi) can serve as a puff of varying sizes and heights. Charming and relaxed, futons for sale can be 4 to 18 cm thick and easily stored and transported.

Sofa bed or futon? Know the differences between each one and find out which one is best for your comfort.

More about Futons

Futons are often preferred by the Japanese for the comfort they offer, even improving people’s health. Other traditional models are shikibuton (mattress that can be folded and transformed into sofa), zabuton (seat cushion and chairs) and turkish pouf (thick cushion used directly on the floor). The use of the shikibuton in the place of the cradle is defended by the Montessori pedagogues as useful to the development of the child, by allowing broader and free movements from birth. In the bedroom of the little ones, the futons can be in vibrant colors, and for more zen environments, bet in shades like light pink. Gray and beige, although easily soiled, are great for cleaner decor.

Keep your couches always clean

Speaking of dirt, this is a factor that should always be taken into account when talking about maintaining the best futon. Although flax and silk models are already available, the cheaper and more durable ones are made of a thick layer of cotton, material averse to water and moisture, causing any dirt to be immediately cleaned with detergent. It is also interesting to always turn your futon, whether it is on the floor or supported by wooden structures or chairs, allowing both sides to wear out equally. Tatame or the best futon? Know the differences between each one and find out which one is best for your comfort.

Create inspiring, original environments with tatami mats

Like futons, mats can be suited to various environments, but are widely used in more zen decor. For the dining room, for example, it is interesting to cover the floor with a mat and place a low table, creating a beautiful and stylish space of Japanese inspiration.

One more idea outside the box is a tatami bed or the best mattress, which involves placing the object on the floor and placing a futon or mattress on top of it, always leaving a space on the edges. It may also involve a mattress embedded in a wooden structure or masonry, which allows for the creation of a “mess hiding”. Although they serve as excellent carpets, mats do not have many uses when alone and generally have to be ornamented or complemented with other furniture.

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